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Registration: Ludo (6-9 Sept 2024)


EAT: Fri-Mon we will offer simple meals for breakfast and dinner for our overnight guests, consisting of snacks and bread with lunchmeat, cheese and spreads to get you back to gaming as quickly as possible! Lunch will be organized at local restaurants (not included in the price). The local supermarket is right across the track and we have a fully functional kitchen where we can prepare our own meals. This also makes it possible to stay in and make our own lunches, or prepare a late-night snack to fuel our gaming.

SLEEP: We only have 15 beds (2-4 beds per room with attached shower and bathroom). Sign up asap to reserve your spot! If "too many" people join, we might be able to find additional accommodation nearby. There is hostel-style accomodation on-site with 2-4 beds per room and attached bathroom/shower to every room, so you can basically wake up, go downstairs and start gaming already.

GAME: Full access to our gaming systems from everything from retro Pong, Super Nintendo and GameCube to modern Quest 3 VR and Xbox Series S.

Pre-payment (overnight guests only)

Due to many last-minute cancellations last year, we are now requiring pre-payment to receive your bed during Ludo. Please pay at least a €40 non-refundable deposit or pay in full. If you pay in full, you can still receive a full refund minus the €40 prepayment if you cannot attend Ludo. Please pay via one of the following methods after you register:

German Bank Transfer

Name: Charles Sterling Smith
IBAN: DE23 1001 1001 2626 0839 89


Email: chuck (@) chuck (dot) at